We love building websites. And I want our Customers to know our prices up front to keep the guess work out of it!
Standard Site

Extended Site $2400

Custom Design: $3400

Elaborate Site ≈$4000

Production time, starting from when all content is received. ~Two weeks plus lead time ~Three weeks plus lead time ~Five weeks plus lead time ~Really depends on what it is.
Premium Template of your choice X X n/a X
1 year hosting free! X X X X
favicon X X X X
spell-check X X X X
SEO-friendly construction including Google Authorship X X X X
Pages of content Up to 7 Up to 40 Up to 7 Up to 40
3rd Party Embedded widgets (Google Docs, Picassa gallery, Google calendar, Youtube, etc) Up to 2 Up to 5 Up to 2 Up to 5
E-mail account generation 2 addresses Up to 20 addresses Up to 20 Addresses Up to 20 addresses
Template Consultation X X n/a X
Hosting Account and Domain Account Management X X X X
Browser compatible with IE7+, FF, Chrome X X X X
Mobile Friendly Add Additional $500
Dynamic Features (also available a la carte for $300/each additional) Logo Design (template-driven) Includes any 2 Includes any 5 Includes any 2 Includes any 5
Expandable Text areas
Contact Form
Scrolling Testimonials
Gallery Widgets
Blog Insertion
Paypal Buy-Now Options
Site Search functionality
Javascript Widgets
Flash Animated template
Custom Cursor
Article Writing
Pop-Up Notifications
WordPress or Joomla CMS Site
Major Template Redesign
Custom Drop-Down Menu
Custom Layout
Premium Stock Art
Google Analytics
Original Photo or Video
Original Article
Five Additional Pages
Etc… (this list could go on and on. Want something not listed here? Just ask. It’s probably no problem.)
Advanced Functionality Shopping Cart Site Any 1 of these
Bulletin Board Site
Contacts Site
Membership Site


We’ll start with an in–person meeting and/or couple of phone calls to help you understand your options (the free consultation). Then we look at some of the possible templates you might like. When the template is chosen and we both have a sense of the project, we draw up a memorandum of understanding that states the services to be performed. Only when all that is done will we take the initial payment — usually 50% of the total. Every project is its own animal and we strive to meet our clients’ needs, whatever they may be. If our collection of packages and steps doesn’t suit your project, we’ll find something that will.

  1. Call for your free consultation
    678-439-5308 or 508-737-3811
  2. We pick a template together
  3. Memorandum of understanding created
  4. Pay for the first half of the project
  5. You give us content
  6. We build it
  7. You review it
  8. When you feel it’s done, pay for last half of project